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ĦĦĦĦThe dinning hall can seat 400 people at the same time, serves both Chinese and western food, The dishes are characterized by Hunan flavour especially Tujia. The surroundings of dinning hall is ethereal and comfortable, and it can let you taste both the beautiful natural scene of Zhang Jiajie and bite and sup culture of Xiangxi. Welcome persons of every class!
Dish of Tu nationality of Xiangxi
Famous dish of Tu nationality is:
ĦĦĦĦUmbilicariaceae pot-roast chook or duck. In the period of Ming and Qing, the umbilicariaceae of Zhangjiajie is the tribute to empire of chieftain. As the story goes, when the empire invite all the officials to have dinner, he will ask for this dish. Loach drill bean curd is another famous dish. First, let the loach starve for three days, then let them eat lard, then put them into the bean curd, braize them slowly through slow fire, let them drill into the bean curd till it is cooked. It is delicious. Balsam pear braize fresh fish, tender pumpkin braize dry beef are all the cate such as blood bean curd, lotus sediment, Yuangu level ground preserved ham, Bangbang meat, tile jar dish, fish cayenne, cook aubergine, cook cayenne and potherb series and etc. The "Tu empire complete dinner" that come down from chieftain has 18 bowls and dishes, all together 8 dishes, 24 series. It can be put on the same wooden stool with the several famous dishes of Chinese to discuss. Especially, the "boiled three" of Tu nationality, it is special in flavor. It was said that, during the period of Jiajing of Ming dynasty, the court called up the chieftain soldier in Xiang and E to come to the front to repel Japanese. It is just the end of the year. The head of chieftain ordered to have the annual dinner one day before the end day in order not to delay the military affairs. So they boiled preserved ham, bean curd and radish in one pot, called Hecai which become into the "boiled three" later. Every guest who comes to Zhangjiajie, you'd better to taste the "boiled three" in small eateries. You will never forget it.