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  Yellow Stone Stockage Village)
  Yellow Stone Stockage Village is famous for its grand. It is a mesa that locates 1080 meters high. The landform is steepness, the eyeshot is wide. Beside it, there are cliffs and green treens which foming many surprise screnes. Overlooking from the stage, you can see thousands of mountains and gulfs below you, and there are too many scenes. Somebody says, it will be a pity for you to come to Zhang Jiajie if you don's reach Yellow Stone Stockage Village. The perfect scene spots are treasure box of sealed book, wizardly needle of sea, pole of South Sky, take star stage, former garden, scrap frusta of bridge, five fingers mountain and etc.
  )Golden Scourge Brook)
  The main character of Golden Scourge Brook is secret. It gets this name because of flow by golden scourge cliff. It meets the lute brook in the west, and joins in to the Suo brook in the east. This is a secret gorge of 12 li long. On the two banks, there are many green mountains. The brook flows surrounding the gorges and mountains. Flowers bloom very well, and the birds singing in the tree. If you walk down along the stone board path, you will find that you are in the gallery. The perfect scene spots are golden scourge cliff, purple grass pond, meet from thousand li, jumping fish pond, camel mountain, and etc.
  )Lute Brook)
  Lute Brook has the character of secret, wild and grand. Along it, the green mountains appear in groups as if the expanding picture. So the mountains and wild trees on the two bank are secret. Second, the mountain is grand and few, and the scene is wild and desert. The perfect scene spots are consort cliff, looking husband mountain, three sisters mountain, rabbit seeing moon, see old scene toward sky, and etc.
  )Yellow Dragon Cavity locates)
  Yellow Dragon Cavity locates in Wu Lingyuan block of Zhang Jiajie. It is 30 minutes road far from Zhang Jiajie State Forest Park. The exploded scene acreage in the cavity is about 20 ha.. The cavity has four layers. Half of it is dry, and half of it is water. From the lowest shade river to the highest dome, it is more than 100 meters. In the cavity, there stand many stone poles, stone curtain, stone flower, stone full of any kinds.
  )Tianzi mountain)
  Tianzi mountain natural protective section locates in the west-north of Wu Lingyuan. You can reach there through Yellow Stone Stockage Village and Golden Scourage Brook. Looking from Tianzi mountain, you can view more. On Tianzi mountain there are four wonders--cloud billows, moon brightness, red sun and winter snow. On the top of the mountain there is Helong Park in which there are perfect scene spots--immortal bridge, spirit gulf, emperor pen apex, west sea, fairy show flower, one-step hard walking and etc.